Evelyn Ruppert publishes essay with Dawid Górny on Medium.com

Evelyn Ruppert and Digital Interaction Designer Dawid Górny recently published an essay on the platform, Medium.com. ‘Reflections on a collaboration: How do we know who we are?‘ is a 4-part essay and series of visualisations about how they collaborated to design an interactive installation to visualise Europe as part of the ‘Who are We?’ programme curated by a group of Tate Exchange Associates, London, UK during the week of 14–19 March 2017.



Part 1 discusses how they approached the question Who are we? by
posing another one related to their interests in big data, digital technologies and visualisation: ‘How do we know who  we are? as Europeans. Through the example of government migration data, they explore how digital technologies and data are evermore central to narratives about who we are and how we are known. How then might we visualise Europe differently is a question they take up in Part 2 which outlines how they brought their different interests together to develop six interrelated conceptual and design questions to guide visualisation experiments.



Part 3 then discusses how they engaged with these questions through a series of experiments and prototypes for visualising Europe differently. In the final Part 4 they illustrate how they brought together these issues, questions and experiments in a their installation at the Tate Exchange.

Evelyn and Dawid previously published a summary and short version of this essay in openDemocracy.