Baki, Funda and Francisca will present at EASST in Lancaster tomorrow, 26 July

Funda Ustek-Spilsda will be presenting with Marja Alastalo (Uni. of Eastern Finland) in Baki’s panel on software sorted subjectivities of asylum seekers. More specifically: how various levels of inclusion and exclusion of asylum seekers happens through software.

Baki Cakici will present “Knowing the whole: personal identification number as statistical infrastructure” in the panel titled “Data infrastructures: practices and consequences” where he argued that personal identification numbers can be understood as forming an ‘address space’ where individuation matters to the system only as far as establishing addressability, which in turn holds clues to how identification methods enact populations and subjectivities.

Francisca Grommé will talk about how making a citizen data app can be considered as a method (or para-site) for opening up ethnographic imaginations and public engagement with data infrastructures.