New ARITHMUS working paper on ‘citizen data’

The ARITHMUS team is extremely happy to announce the release of its second working paper. The paper is titled ‘Citizen Data and Official Statistics: Background Document to a Collaborative Workshop’ and is freely available for download on our publications page.

The paper introduces the notion of ‘citizen data’ as a possible source for (or complementary source to) official statistics. It gives a background to four notions underlying our conceptualisation of citizen data as data co-produced with citizens, and as an expertise and practice between statistical science and citizen science. These are: experimentalism, citizen science, smart statistics and privacy by design. The working paper then provides a brief review of previous or current projects producing citizen data in other contexts.

We developed the paper in preparation to a collaborative workshop between academics and practitioners on the design of a citizen data app. The activity of designing such a device, we propose, might contribute to thinking about the future of official statistics in a way that addresses drawbacks of Big Data.