ARITHMUS participating in programme at Tate Exchange on ‘Who are we?’

whoARITHMUS is part of a six-day cross-platform event, spanning the visual arts, film, photography, design, architecture, the spoken and written word and live art. The event, Who Are We? is curated and produced by Tate Exchange Associates, and taking place from 14-19 March 2017 at the new Tate Exchange building.  Who Are We? reflects on identity, belonging, migration and citizenship through arts and audience participation.


Evelyn Ruppert, in collaboration with Dwaw-promo-x2awid Górny, a programmer and interaction designer, has created an installation, How do we know who we are? The installation is an experiment to innovate ways of engaging people in visualising how people move about Europe by adding their own data. People are invited to visualise themselves as part of the installation, share with others and participate in recomposing Europe.

On 16 March, ARITHMUS will also hold a day-long workshop at the Tate Exchange on Peopling Europe Through Data. Twelve researchers from around Europe will join ARITHMUS to discuss their research on how data is part of the making and shaping of who are the people of Europe. The workshop is not open to participation but people are invited to take a seat, watch the presentations and listen to the discussions.