ARITHMUS Method Workshop: Classification Practices: Theories, Subjectivities and Politics, 9-10 June 2016

data-citizens On June 10th, 2016, the third ARITHMUS method workshop, titled Classification Practices: Theories, Subjectivities and Politics,  took place at Goldsmiths. The workshop. The ARITHMUS team uses ethnographic methods to learn about the challenges of methodological diversification in census methods, and their implications for the enactment of the population of Europe. These workshops aim to develop the ways in which ARITHMUS team can approach fieldwork and analysis on methodological concerns in their research. The workshop on Classification Practices was organised to address the practical problem of following and interpreting the many sites and practices involved in the classification of people and populations across the different field sites of ARITHMUS, and across European statistical practices. The workshop started with a Keynote by Professor Geoffrey C. Bowker (University of California, Irvine). His lecture, ‘Being Human: The Analog and the Digital of it All’ discussed what it means to be a human in the age of Big Data. A diverse group of invited researchers from various social science disciplines with an experience in doing ethnographic fieldwork on classifications and categories joined Professor Bowker at the workshop on the following day.

A report about the workshop can be found here.