CSISP Reading Group: Posthuman Subjectivity and Ethics, 20 Jan 2016

bookWhat does it mean to be human in an age of technological transformation, environmental degradation, emerging epidemics, and ubiquitous capitalism? Who counts as a subject in contemporary sciences, politics, and other means of world-making? In a reading group on posthuman subjectivity and ethics, we wish to explore these questions through the writings of Barad, Braidotti, Derrida, Haraway, and Wolfe, among others. We hope to bring together scholars from different disciplines and departments, as well as others interested in the topics. Starting in January, we will meet once a month during the spring of 2016.

At the first meeting on January 20th (3pm-5pm, WT1204), we will discuss Derrida’s The Animal That Therefore I Am (2008). For further details please contact Hanna Sjögren, visitor at the Centre for Cultural Studies (h.sjogren@gold.ac.uk), or Baki Cakici, Sociology (b.cakici@gold.ac.uk). We look forward to seeing you!