CSISP Salon 2: Politics of Algorithms, Wed 9 Dec 2015

This year’s second CSISP Salon, titled “Politics of Algorithms: The Data Strike Back”, will take place next week, Wednesday 9 December 2015, 16:00 – 17:30, WT 1204, Goldsmiths.

During this session we want to discuss how we can address algorithms without mystifying, blackboxing, or accepting their technical definitions at face value. Our aim is to receive theoretical and methodological input on how we study algorithms in our sites within the ARITHMUS project.  Some issues we’re interested in studying include accountability (when algorithms are involved in everyday work), materiality (when trying to study algorithms ethnographically), and the role of data in algorithmic labour.

As background reading, we suggest the following paper: NoSQL: The Shifting Materialities of Database Technology, Paul Dourish, 2014, Computational Culture

We look forward to seeing you.