Funda Ustek presents at SEESOX workshop titled “Turkey’s turmoil and the West’s conundrum” on 6 December 2016

Funda Ustek gave a talk at South Eastern European Studies at Oxford University (SEESOX) workshop titled: “Turkey’s turmoil and the West’s conundrum:How should Europe and the US approach post-coup Turkey?”. She addressed the topic of Authoritarianism and Human Rights Violations in Turkey, focusing on violations of academic freedom.    

Funda Ustek presentation

Funda Ustek presents at “Politics from below in Turkey and beyond” at SciencesPo, CEST/CERI

Funda Ustek presented a paper from her PhD titled “Choosing to be “Invisible”, Dying to become ‘Visible’: The (non)organisation of domestic workers in Turkey” at a conference jointly organised by Consortium for European Symposia on Turkey (CEST) and Centre de recherches internationales (CERI) at SciencesPo in Paris, 1-2 December 2016. Full conference programme can be reached here.[…]


Francisca Grommé presents at Statistics Estonia

On November 24 and 25 Francisca delivered two presentations on trust in official statistics, both co-authored with Evelyn Ruppert. On November 24 she spoke about ‘technologies of trust’ at the 28th Conference of the Estonian Statistical Society “Household in surveys and registers”. On November 25 she presented ARITHMUS empirical findings, arguing that attending to the[…]


Evelyn Ruppert featured speaker at Spotlight Session of Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2016

Evelyn is an invited speaker at the Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference, which is being held in Sydney, Australia, from 14-17 December, 2016.  Hosted by the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University, it is a major international conference where scholars from all five continents gather regularly to exchange research, views, and insights. She is speaking at[…]


Evelyn Ruppert speaks at Data Politics and Power workshop at UWS

On 8 December, Evelyn is leading a workshop discussion on ‘Data Politics and Power,’ hosted by the Digital Life research programme of the Institute of Cultural Studies, Western Sydney University. Drawing on forthcoming edited collections with Didier Bigo (Sciences Po, FR) and Engin Isin (Queen Mary University of London, UK), she will speak about data politics in the making[…]


Funda Ustek-Spilda gives a seminar at King’s College London, at the Borders, Citizenship & Mobility Seminar Series

Funda delivered a seminar on “(Gu)es(s)timating the refugee numbers in the EU: Borders, Numbers and Practices” at the Borders, Citizenship & Mobility: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Geopolitics of Encounter at King’s College London on 21 November 2016. She discussed the uncertainties in the production of refugee statistics and investigated how these certainties render specific forms of knowledge and[…]


ARITHMUS participates in November Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month (see http://nanowrimo.org/). Although we do not write novels, we are interested in the writing process and trying out new ways of writing together. Focussing on academic writing, we organised two activities: Baki Cakici organised ‘Sit down and write’ (co-organised with Katherine Robinson, Goldsmiths): weekly two-hour ‘write-ins’ open to everybody.[…]


Evelyn Ruppert delivers seminar at University of Copenhagen

Evelyn Ruppert delivered a seminar on ‘Where are the political subjects of Big Data?‘ at the Uncertain Archives project, in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She attended to the uncertainties of political subjectivity that involve power relations between and amongst embodied subjects who act through the Internet and[…]