Stephan Scheel’s book published, Autonomy of Migration? Appropriating Mobility within Biometric Border Regimes

Stephan Scheel’s book, Autonomy of Migration? Appropriating Mobility within Biometric Border Regimes, was recently published with Routledge. The book draws on ethnographic research conducted as part of his PhD and examines how migrants appropriate mobility in the context of biometric border controls. The book mobilises new analytics and empirics in  debates about the politics of migration[…]

New book co-edited by Evelyn Ruppert on Data Politics

Didier Bigo, Engin Isin, and Evelyn Ruppert recently published an edited collection, Data Politics: Worlds, Subjects, Rights (2019, Routledge). Building on a commentary first published in Big Data & Society, the book explores how data has acquired the capacity to reconfigure relations between states, subjects, and citizens.  A blog about the book can be found here.

Francisca and Evelyn publish in Science, Technology, & Human Values

Francisca Grommé and Evelyn Ruppert published their article ‘Population Geometries of Europe: The Topologies of Data Cubes and Grids‘ in Science, Technology, & Human Values. The article examines the ongoing formation of data infrastructures (‘cubes’ and ‘grids’) and suggests that these enable postnational enactments of Europe’s populations and territories. It proposes the term ‘methodological topologies’[…]

IT University of Copenhagen hosts a release party for the book “Ethnography for a Data-Saturated World”

The IT University of Copenhagen will be hosting an ‘ethnography happy hour’ to celebrate the release of the book “Ethnography of a Data-Saturated World” published by Manchester University Press, edited by Hannah Knox and Dawn Nafus. The book includes a chapter authored by ARITHMUS project members Francisca Grommé, Evelyn Ruppert, and Baki Cakici, titled ‘Data[…]

Francisca publishes video on Sage Research Methods

Francisca Grommé publishes a video on the practicalities of doing an ethnography of data science. The video is made by Sage for teaching purposes and is called ‘Studying Data Mining Practices: An Ethnography of Dutch Policy & Problem Youth’ (preview).

Francisca will present at workshop ‘Put to the Test: Critical Evaluations of Testing’, London, 10-11 December

The event will take place in London, and is organised by Noortje Marres and David Stark of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick. More information about the workshop and registration can be found here. The workshop brings together scholars from across science & technology studies (STS), sociology and related fields to discuss new[…]