Funda Ustek-Spilda gives a seminar at King’s College London, at the Borders, Citizenship & Mobility Seminar Series

Funda delivered a seminar on “(Gu)es(s)timating the refugee numbers in the EU: Borders, Numbers and Practices” at the Borders, Citizenship & Mobility: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Geopolitics of Encounter at King’s College London on 21 November 2016. She discussed the uncertainties in the production of refugee statistics and investigated how these certainties render specific forms of knowledge and[…]

ARITHMUS Method Workshop: Classification Practices: Theories, Subjectivities and Politics, 9-10 June 2016

 On June 10th, 2016, the third ARITHMUS method workshop, titled Classification Practices: Theories, Subjectivities and Politics,  took place at Goldsmiths. The workshop. The ARITHMUS team uses ethnographic methods to learn about the challenges of methodological diversification in census methods, and their implications for the enactment of the population of Europe. These workshops aim to develop the[…]

Funda Ustek presents a paper on populism in Europe made by refugee numbers in Prague

Funda Ustek delivers a paper at the “Current Populism in Europe: Impact on the Political Landscape” in Prague (23-24 May 2016). The conference was organised jointly by the Institute of International Studies at Charles University, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and by the Goethe-Institut Prag. Ustek’s paper titled “Populism by numbers: Refugee Statistics in the EU” looks at how the[…]

Public Lecture: ‘Data Citizens and Data Organisms’, Thursday 9 June 2016

‘Data Citizens and Data Organisms’ Speaker: Prof Geoffrey C. Bowker, University of California, Irvine Thursday, 9 June 2016, 17:00- 18:30 Location: Richard Hoggart Building, Room 309, Goldsmiths   Download the poster here Public lecture organised by the ERC funded ARITHMUS project (, Department of Sociology. Please RSVP at Abstract: In this talk, I explore[…]

Evelyn Ruppert and Funda Ustek on the politics of counting refugees

Evelyn Ruppert and Funda Ustek contributed to the Visual Social Media Lab Report, “The Iconic Image on Social Media: A Rapid Research Response to the Death of Aylan Kurdi”. Evelyn and Funda’s piece titled “Body Counts: Counting Aylan Kurdi” investigates the politics of counting migrant flows, especially refugees, and lays out the definitional, legal and political[…]

Funda Ustek delivers talk at CEST Symposium

On 1-3 October 2015, Funda Ustek attended CEST Symposium (Consortium for European Symposia on Turkey). Funda delivered a talk on the politics of counting and uncounting foreigners in Turkey, with a particular focus on refugees and transit migrants. The conference feed on Twitter can be accessed via #cest2015 and @CESTurkey.