Evelyn Ruppert featured speaker at Spotlight Session of Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2016

Evelyn is an invited speaker at the Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference, which is being held in Sydney, Australia, from 14-17 December, 2016.  Hosted by the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University, it is a major international conference where scholars from all five continents gather regularly to exchange research, views, and insights. She is speaking at[…]


Evelyn Ruppert speaks at Data Politics and Power workshop at UWS

On 8 December, Evelyn is leading a workshop discussion on ‘Data Politics and Power,’ hosted by the Digital Life research programme of the Institute of Cultural Studies, Western Sydney University. Drawing on forthcoming edited collections with Didier Bigo (Sciences Po, FR) and Engin Isin (Queen Mary University of London, UK), she will speak about data politics in the making[…]


Evelyn Ruppert delivers seminar at University of Copenhagen

Evelyn Ruppert delivered a seminar on ‘Where are the political subjects of Big Data?‘ at the Uncertain Archives project, in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She attended to the uncertainties of political subjectivity that involve power relations between and amongst embodied subjects who act through the Internet and[…]


Evelyn Ruppert participated as session moderator at the ESS Big Data Workshop 2016

Evelyn moderated sessions of the European Statistical System Big Data Workshop 2016 held in October in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  The workshop concerned the latest developments in big data and official statistics at the European level, the achievements of the ESSnet on Big Data and intermediate results of the Eurostat Big Data study on ethical, communication, legal and skills issues.[…]


ARITHMUS Team present at European Association for the Study of Science and Technology Conference

As part of a track organised by Evelyn Ruppert (ARITHMUS PI), Jennifer Gabrys (Citizen Sense PI) and Dan Neyland (MISTS PI), ARITHMUS researchers are presenting papers at EASST in Barcelona from 31 August – 3 September 2016. The track, New Collective Practices of Measurement, Monitoring and Evidence addresses how dominant data practices are being challenged and reshaped[…]


Evelyn Ruppert delivers keynote on ‘Trust in Statistics’

On 6 July 2016, Evelyn delivered a keynote lecture on Trust in Statistics at the 21st meeting of the Government Statistical Service Methodology Symposium 2016. She reflected on insights from the ARITHMUS project on questions concerning the politics of working with administrative and big data to technical and infrastructural barriers to innovating methods. She discussed the role of[…]


Evelyn Ruppert and Baki Cakici present at the Social Studies of Algorithms Summer School

Evelyn and Baki gave presentations drawing on the ARITHMUS project at the summer school of the Algorithm Studies Network, hosted by Linköping University, Sweden from 4-6 July 2016.  Evelyn presented on the topic ‘From residents to citizens’ as part of the ‘Big Data, Algorithms and Governing’ theme and Baki about ‘Making worlds through surveillance’ as[…]