IT University of Copenhagen hosts a release party for the book “Ethnography for a Data-Saturated World”

The IT University of Copenhagen will be hosting an ‘ethnography happy hour’ to celebrate the release of the book “Ethnography of a Data-Saturated World” published by Manchester University Press, edited by Hannah Knox and Dawn Nafus. The book includes a chapter authored by ARITHMUS project members Francisca Grommé, Evelyn Ruppert, and Baki Cakici, titled ‘Data[…]

New ARITHMUS working paper on history and method

The ARITHMUS team is happy to announce the release of its third working paper. The paper is titled ‘Regarding the Constants of Nature and of Art’ is freely available for download here. As big data discourses become more dominant in census discussions among European National Statistics Institutes, it is productive to look back at a[…]

Stephan Scheel presents a paper on “Biopolitical Bordering” at the international workshop ‘What Matters’ in Munich

On 6th May, Stephan presented a paper at the two-day international workshop ‘What Matters? New Materialities and Material-Semiotic Perspectives in Critical Border and Migration Studies’ which took place at the city museum in Munich. The paper describes the first step of the constitution of populations as intelligible entities via statistics, which is the delineation of[…]

Interested in visiting the ARITHMUS project?

We welcome expressions of interest from postdoctoral and senior researchers who would like to spend a period of time visiting the ARITHMUS project. Visiting Research Fellows are academics based at another UK or overseas university and whose research aligns with the ARITHMUS project. While such visits are not funded they provide a mutually beneficial opportunity[…]

CSISP Reading Group: Posthuman Subjectivity and Ethics, 20 Jan 2016

What does it mean to be human in an age of technological transformation, environmental degradation, emerging epidemics, and ubiquitous capitalism? Who counts as a subject in contemporary sciences, politics, and other means of world-making? In a reading group on posthuman subjectivity and ethics, we wish to explore these questions through the writings of Barad, Braidotti,[…]

Public Lecture: Algorithms Rather Than What? Algorithmic Culture in Context, Mon 2 Nov 2015

Algorithms Rather Than What? Algorithmic Culture in Context Speaker: Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine) Monday, 2 November 2015, 5pm – 6:30pm Richard Hoggart Building, Room 137a, Goldsmiths Public lecture organised by the ERC funded ARITHMUS project (, Department of Sociology. Please RSVP at Abstract: The pioneering computer scientist Niklaus Wirth titled one of[…]

Workshop Report: Doing Screen Work Ethnographies

On June 2nd, 2015, the first ARITHMUS method workshop took place at Goldsmiths. Doing screen work ethnographies was the first of six method workshops concerning the ethnographic study of national statistical practices. The workshop kicked off with the Goldsmiths Sociology Annual Lecture by Prof Lucy Suchman. Her lecture, ‘Digital Practices: Some Methodological Reflections,’ was a retrospective of her work on human-computer interfaces. A diverse group of invited researchers[…]